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A Culture of Student Success

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A Culture of Student Success

The Univeristy of Oklahoma has a long tradition of academic excellence and strong community.  There are many resources on campus to help students towards graduation and enhance their educational experience.

photo of two female students wearing safety glasses

Circle of Support

Circle of support diagram. Categories include Faculty, First-Year Go-To, Peers, Involvement Resources, Academic advisor, financial, academic resources.

From the moment a student begins their academic journey at OU, they have a team of people ready to assist them in all aspects of University life. First-year students have a team similar to the image that only grows as they continue at the University.

Student Success Focused Departments and Programs on Campus

The Academic Advising Resource Center (AARC) is a central advising unit for our Pre-Law and Pre-Medical Professions, and Exploratory majors. The Pre-Law and Pre-Medical advisors coach students in their process for gaining admission to professional degree programs in Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Physician Assistant/Associate, Podiatry, and Optometry. AARC Exploratory advisors coach students with two semesters completed at OU or transfer students who have not decided on a major or students that need help with an academic success plan to gain admission to their desired major. All professional advisors working in AARC are Academic Life Coaches and make serving students a priority.

Visit the Advising website

The Academic Life Coaching program at OU is an innovative mentoring approach designed to provide individualized student support. The program provides a specially trained coaching mentor who meets regularly with their students throughout the semester. During sessions, the student and the Academic Life Coach work together to identify stressors and establish goals that lead to academic success and degree completion.

Visit the ALC website

The University of Oklahoma is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities. Any student or employee with a disability is eligible to request in order to equalize opportunities. Learn about the support services and resources offered by the ADRC for students, employees and faculty. ADRC encourages full participation for those with disabilities or learning differences.

Vist the ADRC website

The Center for Major & Career Exploration serves as the University’s central unit in assisting students gain academic clarity about their major and/or initial career options. They help students set realistic goals, reduce time to graduation, enhance focus and purpose in student’s studies,and discover foundational self-knowledge and skills to navigate college and careers. They offer one-to-one coaching, free interest and career assessments, and exploration courses to assist students in discovering majors that will allow them to receive the best possible educational experience in relation to their interests, skills, personalities, and situations. 

Visit the Major and Career Exploration website

The Center for Student Advancement is committed to providing programs and services that promote the retention and success of students experiencing academic challenges. CSA offers specialized advising and the following courses: Strategies for Success, Transitions, First Steps, and Faculty Mentoring. The Center is open for student walk-ins or appointments.

Several colleges on campus have created centers for student success which exist to enhance the undergraduate student engagement in curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular opportunities that will prepare students for success in a diverse global environment.

College of Arts and Sciences Student Success Center

Price College of Business Center for Student Success

The mission of Education Abroad is to provide OU students with safe, academically relevant and personally transformative study abroad opportunities across the world.

Visit the Education Abroad website

This active learning course is limited to around 20 students and led by a caring instructor and a peer teaching assistant. The course objective is to teach students to build their new community at OU. In addition, students taking First-Year Foundations will be guided through important actions to ensure a successful transition to college, learn strategies for academic success, and be introduced to resources and methods to help them thrive at OU. With almost 100 sections and various focus themes, including first-year learning communities, there is a First-Year Foundations course to fit each first-year student's needs.

Visit the First-Year Foundations website

A MoneyCoach is a financial professional available to all students at the University of Oklahoma. A student's MoneyCoach shares startegies for building lifelong money management skills and paying for college. In addition to one-to-one coaching, the MoneyCoach program offers Financial Education workshops across campus.

Visit the MoneyCoach website

Project Threshold is designed to serve students who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • First generation - Neither parent received a four-year degree
  • High financial need - Based on federal guidelines
  • Registered with the Accessibility and Disability Resource Center

Project Threshold provides academic advising, financial information, enrollment assistance, computer lab access and tutoring services.

Visit the Project Threshold website

The Student Learning Center's mission is to promote academic achievement, critical thinking skills, and positive study habits. The SLC does this through an academic assistance program called UC Action, a Student Success Series offering workshops and study consultations, technology resources, and study spaces.

Visit the Student Learning Center website

University of Oklahoma Faculty and Staff seeking to provide a positive and supportive learning environment, helping military service-connected students achieve academic excellence and personal success.

Visit the Veteran Support Alliance website