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Patents and Intellectual Property

Patents and Intellectual Property

The people of the State of Oklahoma may reasonably expect that their investments in the university will create new industry and enhance existing industry within the state and nation. The Office of Technology and Commercialization (OTC) is the office assisting Principal Investigators in protecting Intellectual Property and Inventions (Patents).

The Intellectual Property Options for Corporate Sponsored Research Chart outlines the standard intellectual property options available to companies engaging in research at the University of Oklahoma. Please contact your Sponsored Programs Coordinator (SPC), if a sponsor intends to use the second option on the chart (Pre-Paid Commercial Use Non-Exclusive Royalty-Free License) or the third option on the chart (Pre-Paid Commercial Exclusive License).

For sponsored projects, the PI should disclose anticipation of the need for protection of Intellectual Property and Inventions as part of the Info sheet with the Office of Research Services. Through the life of the award, if situations change where protection may be needed, the PI is expected to notify OTC. As part of the award close-out process the PI is required to submit a patent report with coordination through OTC; some sponsors also require the involvement of ORS to submit the report.

For more information on disclosures and processes, see the university IP Policy, Faculty Handbook, and Office of Technology and Commercialization website.