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Student Conduct Records Request

Student Conduct Records checks are often required when students apply to graduate or professional programs, seek to transfer to another institution, or are subject to federal background checks related to employment or security clearances. The Open Records Office will coordinate with the Office of Student Conduct to provide the proper records.

FERPA Release Form

Students may authorize the release of personal information and educational records by submitting a form of acknowledgement releasing their information. You must submit a FERPA Release if you would like an advisor or attorney to accompany you throughout the student conduct process. You will be prompted to use your single sign on before you access the form.

Security and Fire Safety Report

This report is designed to keep all members of the campus community informed about safety and security resources. It includes policies, information about educational programs, crime and policy violation statistics, fire safety and reporting statistics, and information about campus drug and alcohol policies and prevention programs.


The Guide 2023-2024

This guide was designed as a roadmap to navigate your college journey. 

It is the collective effort of many members throughout the University community curated and designed by Graduation and Persistance Support (GPS).