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First Year at Price

Dean Corey Phelps and a group of students in front of Price Hall.

Message From the Dean

Welcome to the University of Oklahoma Michael F. Price College of Business! I am thrilled to have you join our vibrant community. We are committed to supporting you on your journey as you explore new ideas, challenge conventions, build new friendships, and develop the acumen necessary for a successful career in business. Embrace this opportunity to learn, grow, and connect. We can’t wait to see all that you accomplish. I look forward to seeing you on campus soon!

Dean Corey Phelps
Signature of Dean Corey Phelps

Corey Phelps
Dean, Michael F. Price College of Business

5 Steps to Take this Summer

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If you haven’t already, register for a New Sooner Orientation session.

We can’t wait to say hello and show you around Price when you come to enroll for the Fall 2024 semester!


Enroll in our First Year Experience course, B AD 1523:

Business for People, Prosperity, and the Planet. Talk to your advisor about enrolling.


Look forward to Camp Crimson!

Learn more about Price College programs and resources, meet faculty and students while experiencing OU’s traditions, history and events.


Save the Date for FirstYear@Price Kickoff on August 23, 2024.

Enjoy this tailgate-themed atmosphere to explore student organizations, visit with faculty and staff, and “kickoff” relationships with current Price students.


Are you coming to Price with college credits?

Ask your advisor about our accelerated master’s/4+1 programs!

Multiple sized squares in varying shades of crimson.

First Year Frequently Asked Questions

A group of OU students on campus standing together near a lamppost decorated with anOU flag.

Intro classes will be your biggest classes. At OU, some intro classes can have several hundred students that are taught by a professor and several teaching assistants. 

  Pro Tip: Avoid distractions and get to know your professors by sitting near the front.

Arrive early for your first class to avoid getting lost or going to the wrong room. Some buildings at OU can be challenging to navigate. Price College of Business is housed in two connected buildings: Adams Hall and Price Hall. Students often get confused navigating between rooms in the different buildings. During the first week of classes, faculty and staff will be in “Ask Me” shirts throughout campus to assist students with finding their classrooms. 

  Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask a “seasoned” OU student for directions. 

You will receive a syllabus on the first day of class. This document outlines the semester’s calendar, expectations, attendance policy, grading policy, exam/paper schedule, and more.

  Pro Tip: Check Canvas for the syllabus and other course requirements prior to the first day of class.

If you realize that a class isn’t going to work out after the first day, go talk to your academic advisor immediately.  Adding or dropping a class as soon as possible will allow you to rework your schedule comfortably, and will be less likely to impact your financial aid, scholarships, GPA, etc. 

  Pro Tip: Before adding or dropping classes, consult your academic advisor as it can impact your financial aid. To be considered a full-time undergraduate student, you must be enrolled in 12 credit hours each semester.

A professor standing at the front of a classroom addressing a group of students.

Arrive prepared and on time. Professors will treat you like an adult. You are responsible for remembering when assignments are due.

  Pro Tip: Canvas is the official learning management system of OU Norman. This will be your lifeline for all things class related. 

Don't hesitate to ask for help. Professors want you to succeed! 

  Pro Tip: Visit your professors during office their hours and build a relationship—they can become valuable advocates for future jobs, internships, or grad school.

Keep up with class responsibilities. Expect a heavy reading load with minimal assignments and tests. Study diligently, as each task can greatly impact your grade. You'll need to purchase course materials like textbooks, notebooks, and calculators. Check out the OU Bookstore and its textbook rental program for cost-effective options.

  Pro Tip:  Pro Tip: Refer to your syllabus to know when to buy each book, but don’t wait until the last minute as stock may run out.

A student working on a laptop with other students working nearby.

In college, you have the freedom to create your own class schedule, so each day can be different. It's important to make time for various activities, including classes, work, sleep, studying, involvement in student organizations, socializing, etc. Take care of your body and mind by staying connected with friends, family, and the community.

  Pro Tip: Joining a group of classmates for fun activities can enhance your college experience. 

At OU you will not be micromanaged.  Remember, it’s all on you! No one is going to make sure you do the things you need to do. Organize and prioritize your responsibilities by using a planner or calendar.

  Pro Tip: You can enhance your time management with resources like time management apps such as Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar, a traditional printed calendar, or even a simple whiteboard.

Two students sitting together in a study area talking and looking at a project on a laptop.

List all your anticipated expenses for the upcoming semester. Include tuition, room and board, personal expenses, food, rent, health expenses, hygiene products, haircuts, and transportation costs in your budgeting process.

  Pro Tip: Don’t forget to budget for OU events like OU/TX weekend in Dallas.

If you would like assistance with finances, stop by the Student Financial Center or schedule a meeting with an OU Money Coach to see what options might be available. The OU Bursar Office can assist you with tuition and room and board. 

  Pro Tip: Check-in on your spending frequently and ask yourself if there are any non-essential things that you are spending money on. 

The Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub, or CASH, is where current and continuing OU students can apply for university scholarships. Open to all students enrolled in the current academic year, applications are submitted for consideration, with awards distributed in the following academic year.

  Pro Tip: CASH is available annually from October 1st to February 1st. Additionally, Price has an office dedicated to assisting students with scholarship and financial aid questions.

Several students stand in line to get food as employees prep items behind a counter.

Food and Housing

OU Housing and Food Services can offer comprehensive guidance and information on all aspects of living within the residence halls at the University of Oklahoma.

Several different parking permits in many colors, spread in a circle on a white table.

Parking Services

As a first-year student at OU, knowing where to park can be complicated and overwhelming at times. OU Parking Services is here to help you understand the ins and outs of parking on campus.

A student in and OU Football t-shirt gives high fives to a crowd of fellow students.

Student Organizations

Joining clubs or organizations is a great way to make friends and enhance your resume. Examples include Greek life, academic fraternities, service groups, book clubs, and sports teams. Price College of Business has a student organization for every degree program, and OU has over 500 registered student organizations.

A JCPenney Leadership associate talks to the program director and president Harroz about logistics for an event.

Student leadership

In addition to the numerous student organizations at the Price College of Business we also offer student leadership opportunities through programs like the JCPenney Leadership Program. This program provides high performing undergraduate business students with opportunities to develop their leadership potential through a variety of learning and networking experiences.

Two students sit side by side during a conversation with a team member in the Center for Student Success

Price College Resources

At the Michael F. Price College of Business, we want students to feel welcome with a sense of belonging the second they visit our college. Students will have numerous opportunities throughout your academic career for mentorship, networking, and engagement with the Price community. Visit the Student Resources page for more information on services offered at Price.

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