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Do you want to build on your construction knowledge or master an environmentally friendly approach to design and construction? We have programs in construction business and sustainable architecture to prepare you to meet the growing demands of modern design and construction.

Master of Construction Business

This online program will prepare you to advance your career in the planning, design, and construction industry.

M.S. Sustainable Architecture

The OU Online M.S. in Sustainable Architecture (MSSA) program emphasizes the new methods and analytical tools architects use to make better design decisions that meet the growing demand for modern expertise in design and construction.

Arts and Sciences

Are you interested in advocating for others, improving the lives of those in your community, or learning to apply data to impact crucial decisions? Whether it's social work, criminal justice, organizational leadership, or mental health counseling, OU Online has many arts and sciences programs that will prepare you for your next career stage.

Master of Human Relations: Diversity, Equity, and Strategic Impact

This Human Relations concentration will give you essential skills to promote structural change. This emphasis is aimed at professionals seeking the skills to advocate for others in social policy and programming.

Master of Human Relations: Inclusive Leadership

In this Human Relations concentration, you will gain skills essential to leading teams in dynamic environments. This emphasis is aimed at professionals who want to learn how to lead while applying the principles of inclusion.

Master of Social Work 60-Credit Hour Program

This accredited online program prepares you for an advanced integrative practitioner career, improving the lives of children, families, adults, and communities while promoting social, economic, and environmental justice.

Master of Social Work Advanced Standing Program

The online Master of Social Work from the University of Oklahoma is a highly desirable degree that prepares graduates for careers as Advanced Integrative Practitioners.

M.S. in Criminal Justice

This online program will help you develop the critical skills necessary to work in today’s advanced criminal justice field.

M.A. in Organizational Leadership

This online program increases your overall leadership ability. You will expand your self-awareness, learn how to improve the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations, and develop these vital leadership skills in others.

M.A. in Museum Studies

This online program offers a comprehensive museum education with innovative ideas for museum operation. You can advance your career in the museum industry by learning and working at the same time.

M.S. in Applied Statistics

This online program prepares you to take advantage of a fast-growing field where you can apply data to impact critical decisions and solutions in a data-driven economy.


Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Developed by the Department of Human Relations, this 60-credit hour program canbe completed in as few as 30 months. 

The summer and fall cohorts for this program are currently at capacity. 

Master of Library Information Studies

The ability to generate, access, and use information has become a critical factor in personal, social, and economic growth. The expanding global information society is encouraging the free flow of information, and the impact of rapidly changing information and communications technologies is reshaping our personal, educational, and social activities, organizational and political practices, and local, national, and international institutions.

Master of Arts in Econometrics

Advance your career by learning to leverage emerging technologies like AI and machine learning to drive organizational success while gaining in-demand data analysis, coding, and leadership skills.

Atmospheric and Geographic

Geospatial technologies are a driving force for decision-making across the globe. Learn to leverage new technologies and deepen your understanding of the world in our geospatial technologies program.

M.S. in Geospatial Technologies

This program fosters the insights, technical skills, and advanced training necessary to become a leader in a variety of career fields, including agriculture, public zoning, ecology, and financial services.


Whether preparing for your CPA exam, looking to lead in the aerospace and defense field, or preparing for job advancement in the finance or supply chain management industries, our online business degrees offered through OU’s Price College of Business will prepare you for future success.

Master of Accountancy

The online Master of Accountancy prepares you for success on the CPA exam and beyond.

Executive MBA in Aerospace and Defense

The Executive MBA in Aerospace and Defense program is specifically designed to develop the managerial and leadership skills of the A&D workforce.

Master of Business Administration

Advance your career without interrupting it with the online MBA. This program will prepare you for leadership roles in this constantly evolving field.

M.S. in Business Analytics

This online program teaches the technical and analytical skills and business process knowledge needed to drive organizational improvements and change.

Executive MBA in Energy

Students in the Executive MBA in Energy program have the opportunity to specialize in Hydrocarbons or Renewables. The program prepares graduates for leadership roles in these vital and constantly evolving fields. 

M.S. in Finance

This online program will strengthen your skills in financial modeling, advanced corporate finance, corporate restructuring, venture capital and private equity, alternative investments, equity fund management, international finance, and risk management.

M.S. in Supply Chain Management

The online master’s degree in Supply Chain Management will prepare you to advance in a rapidly growing field across multiple industries.

Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Learn how to start and grow a business in this AACSB-accredited hybrid program, which combines an in-residence week of project-focused learning and networking with online content delivery.

Earth and Energy

Offered through OU’s Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering, our online natural gas engineering and management program will help you develop the technical and business skills necessary to excel in this growing industry.

M.S. in Natural Gas Engineering & Management

This online program will help you develop the technical and business skills necessary to excel in a growing market.


Get the credentials to work in special education or join the next generation of school leaders with our online graduate degrees in special education and education administration curriculum and supervision.

Master of Education in Special Education

This program blends theory, research, and applied practice to enhance special education knowledge and skills.

Master of Education in Education Administration Curriculum & Supervision

Aspiring education leaders will learn instructional leadership, data-driven decision-making, strategic thinking, and organizational capacity needed to be effective leaders.

Doctor of Education in Education Administration*

The online Doctor of Education in Education Administration prepares students for job advancement and leadership by cultivating a deeper understanding of challenges in today’s educational settings.

*The summer and fall cohorts for this program are currently at capacity. 


From Data Science and Analytics to Sustainability, we offer several online engineering degrees led by world-class OU’s Gallogly College of Engineering faculty. Progress your career with one of these in-demand programs.

M.S. in Civil Engineering

Go beyond the theoretical with specialties in structural, geotechnical, and transportation engineering to make a lasting impact on your career.

M.S. in Computer Science

This program will help generate and disseminate durable knowledge within and around the rapidly evolving discipline of computer science by focusing on theoretical and applied topics.

Master of Environmental Science in Hydrology and Water Security

Take tracks in Water Management, Water Quality, and Water Quantity to learn the knowledge and expertise needed to lead innovations in emerging water-based industries.

M.S. in Industrial & Systems Engineering

Learn to improve systems productivity through optimization and integration to meet the needs of a complex, rapidly changing world.

M.S. in Sustainability: Energy & Materials Management

Progress your career by developing solid capabilities in identifying and implementing engineering solutions to achieve sustainable practices for our society.

M.S. in Data Science & Analytics

With the rise of Big Data, data scientists and analysts are needed more than ever. The University of Oklahoma Data Science and Analytics Institute's online Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics will help you become a data-driven leader and decision-maker in this growing career field. Our program will help you develop advanced skills in data visualization and mining.

M.S. in Engineering Leadership and Management

Led by world-class OU faculty from the Gallogly College of Engineering, the program shapes the engineering leaders of tomorrow. You’ll learn to efficiently solve complex real-world problems using the core principles of engineering leadership and management. Empowered with essential tools and knowledge, you’ll drive impactful change in the engineering landscape and beyond.

M.S. in Applied Computing

This fully online program provides hands-on training that teaches students in-demand technology and skills while preparing graduates to make an immediate impact in the field of applied computing.

Fine Arts

Learn concepts to help you lead in arts and culture. Choose from degrees in Art and Technology or Arts Management.

M.A. in Art & Technology

The Art & Technology program bridges the world of art, design, and technology, positioning you to push the boundaries of digital creation in the 21st century.

M.A. in Arts Management

The online Arts Management degree will prepare you for career advancement and leadership in arts and culture.

Health Sciences

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing career sectors. Gain a competitive edge with an online degree or certificate in Population Health, Nursing, Nursing Administration, or Nutrition.

Population Health Certificate in Public Health

The online Population Health Certificate in Public Health gives you a competitive edge in the workplace by equipping you with the skills to overcome today's public health challenges.

Master of Public Health in Population and Community Health

As the scope and severity of public health challenges continue to rise, there is a growing need for quality public health professionals. The Hudson College of Public Health now offers an online Population and Community Health MPH. Master the knowledge and skills others lack and gain a competitive edge in the growing public healthcare field.

International Studies

Deepen your understanding of global issues and enhance your ability to navigate a dynamic international environment with our online degree in Global Affairs.

M.A. in Global Affairs

The online Master of Arts in Global Affairs enables you to pursue studies focusing on the political, economic, and social interactions that impact global turbulence.


Do you want to create coordinated, proactive messaging for modern media channels or earn certification from industry leaders in digital marketing? Our online Strategic Communications and Digital Strategy program will get you there.

M.A. in Strategic Communication & Digital Strategy

This online program prepares you to create coordinated, proactive messaging campaigns for modern media channels.


Our online law degrees are designed for non-lawyers in various industries, including energy, healthcare, and international business. Learn to deal with contracts and negotiations in your industry.

MLS in Energy & Natural Resources Law

LLM in Energy & Natural Resources Law

These degrees are designed for those in the energy industry who negotiate oil and gas contracts, deal with mineral rights or real estate transactions, or work closely with energy attorneys.

MLS in Healthcare Law

LLM in Healthcare Law

This program offers a strong foundation in healthcare law for those dealing with the complexities of regulatory, compliance, contractual, and legal issues.

MLS in Indigenous Peoples Law

LLM in Indigenous Peoples Law

This degree offers a strong foundation in Native American Law for non-lawyers who deal with contracts & negotiations of Native American policy, regulation, or business practice.

MLS in International Business Law

LLM in International Business Law

This program allows non-lawyers to learn about laws, regulations, and processes that impact global commerce. 

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