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Graduate College Bulletin

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Graduate College Bulletin

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The Graduate College Bulletin is also available in PDF format. For best results, use Adobe Reader. Use the Table of Contents section to navigate the document and use the Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut to search.

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General Information

1.1 General Information
1.2 Campuses
1.3 Graduate College Administrative Officers
1.4 Authority and Responsibility of the Graduate College
1.5 Graduate Programs for Academic Excellence
1.6 Research Programs
1.7 Use of Human Subjects in Research
1.8 Use of Vertebrate Animals in Research
1.9 Intellectual Property Policy
1.10 Embargo Policy for Theses and Dissertations
1.11 Errata Policy for Theses and Dissertations
1.12 Graduate Student Travel for Academic Purposes

Graduate Programs Offered

2.1 Graduate Programs Offered
2.2 Master's Degree Programs
2.3 Doctoral Degree Programs
2.4 Graduate Certificates

Admission Information

3.1 Admission Information
3.2 Admission Application
3.3 Admission Criteria
3.4 Types of Admission
3.5 Addition or Change of Program
3.6 Readmission to the Graduate College

Cost, Financial Support, and Graduate Assistantships

4.1 Cost, Financial Support, and Graduate Assistantships
4.2 Financial Aid
4.3 Graduate Assistantships
4.4 Other Funding Opportunities

Enrollment, Grades, and Graduation

5.1 Courses Approved for Graduate Credit
5.2 Enrollment
5.3 Grades in the Graduate College
5.4 Auditing Courses
5.5 Degree Completion

Graduate College Standards

6.1 Graduate College Standards
6.2 Retention
6.3 Academic Integrity and Academic Misconduct
6.4 Academic Appeals
6.5 Graduate Assistant Appeals
6.6 Other Student Grievances

Information for Master's Degree Students

7.1 Requirements for the Master's Degree
7.2 Master's Degree with Thesis
7.3 Master's Degree, Non-Thesis
7.4 Master's Degree with Thesis and Non-Thesis Examination
7.5 Non-Thesis Master's Degree without Examination
7.6 Degree Completion and Graduation
7.7 Checklist for Thesis Master's Degree Students
7.8 Checklist for Non-Thesis Master's Degree Students

Information for Doctoral Degree Students

8.1 Information for Doctoral Students
8.2 Requirements for the Doctoral Degree
8.3 The Advisory Conference
8.4 The Doctoral Committee
8.5 The General Examination
8.6 The Dissertation
8.7 Dissertation Defense
8.8 Degree Completion and Graduation
8.9 Checklist for Doctoral Students

Equal Opportunity Statement

University's Statement of Commitment to Affirmative Action

Release of Student Information and Access to Student Records

The mission of the University of Oklahoma is to provide the best possible educational experience for our students through excellence in teaching, research and creative activity, and service to the state and society.

The objective of the Graduate College is to guide, support, and enhance the educational experience of every graduate student at the university.

The Graduate College Bulletin is produced by the University of Oklahoma Graduate College, Norman campus, issued by the University of Oklahoma, and authorized by the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents.

It is the responsibility of graduate students and graduate faculty to familiarize themselves with the general requirements of the Graduate College and with the specific requirements of their particular academic unit.

The Graduate College Bulletin is published for informational purposes and should not be construed as the basis of a contract between a student and the University of Oklahoma. Every effort is made to provide information that is accurate at the time the Bulletin is issued.

The University of Oklahoma reserves the right at all times to discontinue, modify or otherwise change its degree programs when it determines it is in the best interest of the university to do so.

June 2020